Chaplaincy Program


The Sheriff's Office has a Chaplain's program to offer spiritual guidance to our staff, their families, and to the jail inmates.

Dr. David Heller has served as a Sheriff's Office Chaplain for almost seven years. A former police officer himself, he can relate to the day to day stress and struggles of the department's employees. 

Rev. Warren Hill has served as a Sheriff's Office Chaplain for over two years.  During his 19 years as a Pastor, Rev. Hill has touched many individuals.  His passion to teach God's word and minister to others is evident in his life's work.

Some of our Chaplains' duties include:

· Counseling law enforcement officers

· Counseling the families of law enforcement officers and other department personnel

· Visiting sick or injured officers and departmental personnel in their homes and hospitals

· Making death notifications

· Providing assistance to victims

· Serving as part of our department's Crisis Response Team

· Providing assistance during suicide incidents

· Serving as a liaison with other clergy in the community

· Providing for the spiritual needs of prisoners

· Assisting transients and the homeless

· Working with the Victim Assistance Advocate