School Resource Officers (SRO)


Sgt. P. Bryan Sgt. L. Jordan Deputy J. Cobbs Deputy D. Floyd Deputy R. Williamson Deputy H. Williams Deputy C. Hammond Deputy S. Moore Deputy E. Fulani Deputy M. Turner
Deputy J. Harris Deputy J. Cox Deputy S. Fowler Deputy J. Graham

The Columbus County School Resource Officer (SRO) program provides Deputy Sheriffs as a School Resource Officers.  The Columbus County Sheriff’s Office School Resource Team has sixteen (16) members.

- One (1) Supervising Lieutenant
- Two (2) Sergeants
- Eleven (11) Deputies

This is a very successful program; the Officers become a role model to the students and also act as a crime deterrent.  The one-on-one relationship between the students and the Officers allows problems to be solved before they escalate beyond control.  The Officers also work in conjunction with the School Officials to maintain a safe and orderly environment at the school.

The primary duty of a SRO is to provide services for the safety and well being of all students, teachers, staff, and visitors to the school to which he/she is assigned.  

SRO duties also include:

  • Security for school staff and students.
  • Investigation of reported crimes on school campus.
  • Protection of school grounds and property.
  • Insuring a harmonious relationship between the officer and students.
  • Interacting with students.
  • Giving law enforcement lectures and related presentations to students.